April 2017 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for April 2017 TreeHouse School Holiday Workshops
  • A Spark of Curiosity
6 to 12 years There is one thing that all great inventors have in common - curiosity! They ask the question "Why?" and then experiment to find the answer. Come along and work in the footsteps of some of the greats such as Tesla, Newton, Da Vinci, & Franklin. Prepare experiments that proved their theories. Design and test your own experiments. One thing is for sure, the spark this workshop provides will surely light the fire of curiosity in any young scientist.
  • A Tale As Old As Time
5 to 10 years Discover the world of beauty and the beast in a our fairytale inspired workshop. Join our favourite characters for music, movement, drama and craft. Quickly before the last petal falls from the rose.
  • A World Made of Bricks
6 to 12 years As the world becomes more global, it is the differences in our cities that makes them stand apart. From the unique to the extraordinary, from Sydney's Opera House, to the floating city of Venice. In this workshop, we will discover where some of the world's most famous landmarks can be found, then get to work recreating them from Lego. Architecture, Travel, Discovery, Engineering, and Design all in 90 minutes!
  • Bilbies' Easter Burrow
4 to 7 years The Easter Bunny is on holiday this year and his friend Bilby is helping out. We need to make Bilby's burrow ready for the eggstravaganza and help organise the Easter Games ( Bush Olympics) for the rest of the animals. Lots of creativity and energy required!!
  • City on the Moon
4 to 7 years In the not-too-distant future, humans may actually be setting up a colony in space! So, what are we waiting for? Come along to this workshop that is out of this world. We'll learn about space and what's out there, then we'll construct a city for futuristic lunar living. The countdown has started; will you be a part of the crew?
  • Cushion Candy
8 to 14 years Sweet treats without the sugar. Make cushions with a candy theme. Stencil and dye your fabrics. Then cut and sew candy shaped cushions. Includes instruction in using a sewing machine for those who are learning.
  • Drawing Dragons
6 to 12 years These mythical animals are fun to draw. Try lots of ideas and techniques. Draw a baby dragon hatching, dragons in flight and for the daring dragons up really close.
  • * Easter Detective
4 to 7 years Easter is just around the corner and disaster has struck. Literally! Dr. Disaster has taken all the chocolate eggs and has left very little evidence. We need a keen crew of junior investigators who are up to the task of searching for clues, and solving the mystery. We'll play some training games, then work together to solve the mystery and find where Dr. Disaster has hidden the eggs.
  • Easter Island Sculpture
8 to 14 years The awesome sculptures of Easter Island, will inspire us in this hands-on workshop. Design your own. Take a Hebel block and some tools. With some sawing and carving make your own stone head. It will be amazing!
  • * Eggstravaganza
8 to 14 years Join in the fun of this pun filled Easter workshop. Eggs everywhere. Make an eggsellent basket of coloured, marbled and dyed boiled eggs. Paint your own porcelain egg cup and a make an eggstreme egghead.
  • Engineering Challenge: Sea Science
6 to 12 years Are you looking for a challenge? It's time to sail the seven seas as we look for scientific and engineering questions we can answer. We'll tap into all the STEM fields to conduct our investigations, then use water as the basis for our Engineering Solution. Be sure to come armed with your imagination & creativity to help beat this challenge.
  • Everything is Awesome
5 to 10 years Attention all budding master builders. If you love Lego, if you love creating something new, and if you think everything to do with Lego is "awesome", then this is the workshop for you! We'll build, we'll play, we'll create, and we'll make a mess. Whether you are a beginner, or black-belt builder, you will leave this workshop with the tools you need to keep the creativity flowing. Oh, and one more thing... by the time we're done, the awesomeness will have only just begun!
  • Fairy School
4 to 7 years Apprentice fairies are invited to learn the secret, magical ways of the fairies. Make a jewelled box for collecting teeth and learn about making and caring for wings and wands. Receive your graduation certificate and wand as a fairy helper.
  • Farmyard Fancydress
4 to 7 years The barn is buzzing. The animals are all dressing up. What will we wear? Who will you be? A horse? A chicken? A sheep? Story, games, craft and dressing up for a whole lot of farmyard fun.
  • Flower Child
6 to 12 years An art and craft workshop full of flowers. Draw and paint a beautiful flower wreath using watercolour pencils on quality watercolour paper. Then make a tiny cut and folded paper garden for a special flower child.
  • Fly Away Home
4 to 7 years Birds, bats, and flying mammals all need a place to call home. Learn about these flying creatures. Design and make a winged puppet that swoops and soars. We'll make a special home for it. Science meets art and craft.
  • Funky Fluro
6 to 12 years Funky Fluro colours are stars in this workshop. Tape and paint your own 80's themed geometric canvas. While the paints are drying we'll make a funky friendship band.
  • Geology Rocks: Hidden Treasure
5 to 10 years There have been many treasures hidden through the sands of time. Some have had clues and hints passed down from generation to generation and others have been lost to the earth, still waiting to be found. It's our time to rock the world of geology as we prepare for the hunt. We will make maps, research rocks, create clues, tangle with traps, and build a model Lego ruin containing a hidden treasure.
  • History Makers: Rocket Girls
6 to 12 years Extra, Extra, Read all about it... Headlines such as "Shepard is Excellent After Historic Jaunt" and "Man Steps On To Moon" have heralded many history-making moments in the space race. Now it's time to go behind the scenes at JPL and NASA to discover who made these historic trips possible and how they did it. We'll answer questions such as "who were 'the computers'?", "Who were the 'Rocket Girls'?", and "What does Maths have to do with space?". Once we have answered these questions, it will be time for us to make a little history of our own.
  • It's Great to Animate
8 to 14 years If you have a steady hand and a keen eye, this workshop will play to your strengths. Work towards creating a stop-motion animation by developing your story, choosing your materials, and finding out the fun way that it's great to animate!
  • Kaleidoscope of Butterflies
5 to 10 years A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. The swirling colours and patterns of these beautiful creatures will inspire us. Experiment with several different watercolour techniques. Take home a lovely butterfly artwork ready to frame.
  • Lego Bakehouse: Easter Sweets
6 to 12 years If you love making and creating with Lego, you'll agree that everything we have cooked up for you this time is super sweet. Building, creating, crafting, and decorating combine as we hone our skills in the Lego Easter bakery. We'll take time to design and invent, then finish with a special Lego building bakeoff. The only problem is you can't eat your creations in this kitchen.
  • Lego Lunar Outpost
6 to 12 years Take your brick building into uncharted territories with a Lego Engineering workshop that is out of this world. We'll begin by sculpting a lunar landscape, then develop our building technique to make our creations fit the environment. We'll need-make sure our outpost is air-tight, that we have a good source of food, somewhere to sleep, and a system to protect the Earth from invading aliens. Whether you are a beginner with Lego or a black-belt builder, you will surely leave with new ideas for use with your own Lego collections.
  • Lionhearted
6 to 12 years These awesome animals are our subject in this drawing based art workshop. Create 3 artworks using pencils, markers and charcoal. A challenge for the brave.
  • Makers Workshop: Pipe Play
4 to 7 years Calling all makers and those who like to tinker. Pipes and tubes are fun to explore in this workshop. Use PVC pipes and joiners. Drill and glue. Cardboard tubes, pins, tapes, bits and bobs. What will you make?
  • Mouse Hunt
4 to 7 years There's a mouse in the house and he's eating all the food. Join us on the hunt as we play games, and build some silly mouse trap mechanisms. We'll also consult our blueprints and build our own Rube Goldberg style mouse trap to save the food!
  • * Mr. McGreggor's Garden
4 to 7 years Have you seen Peter Rabbit? He’s in Mr McGreggor’s garden again! Creep in and join him for some gardening surprises. We will paint and plant up a little veggie pot, make a scarecrow, hear a story and look for Peter’s lost shoes. Most of all watch out for Mr McGreggor.
  • Print Masters: Lino Cut
8 to 14 years Block printing made simple with soft cutting blocks. Choose a design to make your own. Cute or quirky. Cut, ink and print on quality paper to produce cards or artworks ready for framing.
  • Sandpit Science
4 to 7 years Today, we are bringing the sandpit inside to Engineer, Create, make, and discover the science of the sandpit. There is so much more to sand than meets the eye, and this workshop will begin to open your eyes to the truth. Sand art, sand moulding, and sand experiments are just the beginning of what is sure to be the start of something sand-a-riffic.
  • Secrets of the Seahorse
4 to 7 years Dive in under the sea to find out many secrets of the seahorses’ watery world. Art and craft. We'll paint a beautiful watercolour sea. Then make our own magical underwater world inhabited by fabulous creatures to take home.
  • Small World Terrarium
8 to 14 years Craft your own fully contained small world inside a glass container. Design to your chosen theme. Learn about balance and scale. Build a tiny stone structure. Add moss, rocks and more.
  • The Art of Marbling
10 to 15 years Explore the ancient art of marbelling to make amazing and colorful patterns that swirl and flow across a surface. The process is fun, the artworks produced amazing. We'll use marbelling inks and acrylic flow paints to produce unique works of art.
  • The Craft Box
5 to 10 years Calling all crafters! Let's build a city. Imagine building a house, dance studio, restaurant, farm or skyscraper. It's our city - anything goes. Delve into our extraordinary craft box and be inspired to design and create the place of your dreams.
  • The Faraway Kingdom
4 to 7 years There is a Magic Kingdom far away. Come with us as we explore it. In this art,craft and story workshop you'll make a castle on a cloud, an enchanted crown, then design and paint your own magic mirror.
  • The Illustration Station
5 to 10 years Bring your imagination and be ready to draw. Make a small book that tells your story in pictures. Learn to use pencils, markers and gold leaf in your art to illustrate the tale of your quest.
  • Theme Park After Dark
8 to 14 years The sun has gone down and all is quiet…. but not for long! The lights and rides of our theme park are just switching on. We’ll build coasters and rides, sideshow alley games will be fun. The screams from the haunted house have just begun! A lego and K’nex workshop with a difference!
  • Tinkerlab: Easter Hack
6 to 12 years It's time to tinker in this workshop that mixes easter and electricity. We'll make a fun battery powered easter craft that lights up, and a detector so you will know when a delivery has arrived, or if your eggs are in danger of being pinched. It's about time Tinkering in the Lab was this fun!
  • UpGrade: Mechanimals
12+ years
(7 to 11 years with adult helper)
Many in history have looked at animals as a basis for their inventions. Now its your turn to take your choice of animal and UpGrade it into a Mechanical Animal, or "Mechanimal". Craft your animal and recreate its movements mechanically, use an animal as inspiration to create a new invention, or both? Electronics meets maker space in this workshop that combines LittleBits and our array of crafty materials. By the time you are finished, we'll have upgraded more than your ideas. Students 12 years and over may book directly via our website. Students 7-12 years may book a place if they bring a grown-up helper and must book via e-mail or over the phone.
  • Watercolour Autumn
5 to 10 years Autumn in Brisbane brings cooler days and nights. Learn watercolour techniques, including sprays and stencils. Paint a tree and add your own watercolour magic.
  • When Pinballs Collide
8 to 14 years Normally, when you play a game of pinball, you have only a single ball to keep track of. That is, until you hear those magical words "Multi-Ball" and we find the point where Fun meets Physics. We'll play plenty of pinball with a surplus of science and a constant chance of collisions. So much we can learn from a simple pinball.
* Workshop contains a food ingredient (not necessarily for eating, but for experiments or artwork also) and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


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