Zoom Art Curricular

Term 1, 2017

Scribbers: Fly Away Home

Fly away with us to places near and far as we explore the world from the air. Pretend with us as we ride in balloons, planes and parachutes, sit on clouds and even ride on a magic carpet. Draw, paint, stamp, thread, stick, cut, play with clay, and lots more. Each week there’ll be new messy and active art experiences, story and games.

Zoomers: Come Fly with Me

Bring your imagination as we ride in balloons, soar with birds, and fly on helicopters. Sit on a cloud or a magic carpet and fly to places near and far. Look to the skies and paint up storms, rain and sunny days. Draw birds, planes, spaceships and fairies. With story and games, active Zoomers will love to create things that fly and move with the wind.

Art Explorers: Painting up a Storm

Investigate the world by air as we catch the breeze. Look up into a storm and down with a birds’ eye view, We’ll draw and paint landscapes, skies, storms, and things that fly. Paint an amazing colourful whirligig and sculpture that moves in the wind. We’ll even design a magic carpet. Lots of fun and breezy art.

Art Discovery: Catch the Breeze

Explore the world of light and movement. Develop your drawing and painting skills as you create atmospheric effects based on the work of great artists. Paint up a stormy Impressionist canvas, capture the light in the Australian bush with chalk pastels, Be insipred by Da Vinci’s incredible flying machines and by wind powered sculptures that catch the breeze.

Keys: Sky High

Look to the skies and beyond for inspiration this term, with a focus on landscape. Develop your skills and techniques in using watercolour, acrylic and oil paint, pastels and mixed media. Be inspired by artists who strive to capture light and movement. Paint stormy seas, draw clouds with charcoal. Use soft pastels and mixed media to capture a sunrise. Learn about composing for landscape, and much more.

Art Experience: Term 2, 2017

We'll focus on landscape this term. Learn techniques for using watercolour, acrylic and oil paint, pastels and mixed media including photo transfer. Develop skills in composing and completing (over 3 weeks) a landscape painting in your choice of the media explored.

Term 1, 2017

Scribbers: Once Upon a Time

Join in the fun as classic picture books and traditional tales will inspire our art making this term. Stories of the Billy goats Gruff, Three Bears, Winnie The Pooh, Possum Magic & more. Lots of painting, printing, sticking, stamping. We will make simple costumes finger puppets & our own story books. Active, messy, sensory fun for little ones.

Zoomers: A Land Far Away

Traditional and classic stories and picture books will inspire our art this term. With lots of drawing, painting, sticking, stamping, clay work and much more. We will create our own simple costumes, puppets and picture books. Zoomers includes a short observational drawing element each week and your own sketchbook.

What's in the Box: Tales Tall and True

Telling stories with pictures will inspire our art in this term. Look at how artists tell tales with illustration. We will make art active as we hear and see traditional and contemporary stories. We will learn to draw people and faces, paint animals and imaginary creatures and create our own picture books. Includes an observational drawing element each week using a variety of drawing media.

Art Discovery: Draw Me a Story

Art that tells stories inspires us this term. We will make our own fantastic illustrations as we draw, paint, print & construct amazing artwork for our tales. Discover different drawing and painting styles and techniques as we depict people, animals and imaginary creatures. Create a unique artist's book. Includes an observational drawing element each week using a variety of drawing media.

Art Keys: Picture This

Explore the world of illustration, telling stories with pictures. Be inspired by amazing illustrated books and graphic novels. Make your own extraordinary illustrations as we draw, paint & construct artwork for our tales. We will draw people, faces, animals and imaginary creatures in a variety of styles including Manga. Learn about developing personal characters. Create your own artistsʼ book. The scope of this unit will develop with the individual interests of the students.

Art Experience

The focus is on illustration techniques this term as we are inspired by illustrated books and graphic novels in a number of different styles. Explore a variety of drawing and painting media including water-based and Copic markers. Pens, ink, charcoal and graphite and watercolour will be used.

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