Fox Blocks Curricular

Term 1, 2018

B Blocks: Move It!

This term, we’ll be making things move. Learn about using technology to solve the problems of moving things up, down, and around corners. Whether we are building vehicles to move construction materials, or inspecting inclined planes to make our work easier, this term is sure to get you moving. Chassis, axles, wheels, rails, steering, pulleys, cranes, and so many more ways to build your own adventure.

ConStruct: Built to Play

Have you ever been stuck inside on a rainy day and thought "I'd really like to play on the swings, or on the merry-o-round"... Well, in this unit, we will arm you with all the tools necessary to build your very own indoor play park! We'll be exploring spinning, swinging, zooming, sliding, balancing, roaring, and turning all in a day's work to build those play things you would find at home, at the park, and in your imagination...

iBuild: Transport Tycoons

Join us this term as we investigate different forms of transport. From your own BMX bike, to space ships, and everything in between. We'll be forming transport companies and building up a fleet of vehicles, using Lego as our building material of choice. We'll be learning about logistics, timetabling, and budgeting for everything from paper routes to trucking and even space flight... It's going to be fun!

C-Zone: Harnessing Hydraulics

Are you ready to increase the pressure on engineering? Each week this term, we will build Lego or Fisher Technik models and investigate real-life pneumatic and hydraulic functions. We'll watch short videos of machines in action and compare them to our models as we pump up our understanding of flow, PSI, control, energy, and much more. Can you handle the pressure?

Term 4, 2017

B Blocks: Awesome Animals

Dinosaurs, farm animals, pets, wild animals. Each week we will learn about different animals, their environments and their needs. One week we might solve the problem of how to reach a giraffe with a sore neck, another design a zoo to make sure that the crocodiles don’t eat the monkeys, and another how to rescue lost baby dinosaur stuck on a cliff.

ConStruct: Our Town

Learn to build some of the structures we find in a town. Houses, Shops, Bridges, towers, cranes and more. Learn the principles of town planning and civil engineering as we make our structures stable or flexible. Learn to solve problems of strength and height, how to span a river, or how to design a transport system.

iBuild: Space Racers

Have you ever imagined what it is like in space? To float in the weightlessness of that dark void? Well, wonder no more... In this exciting unit, we will be building space ships and learning about the explosive forces that allow them to burst clear of the earth's gravitational pull and reach the outer limits. We will also be piecing together the International Space Station out of K'Nex, just like the global community is currently undertaking. To be a part of this space-age adventure, you need to secure your ticket as soon as possible... Countdown has commenced for the journey to begin on October 10th, 2017...

C-Zone: It's Easy Being Green

In a world where natural resources are dwindling and the pressure on the environment is ever increasing, the call to be 'green' is now greater than ever before. But what does it mean to be 'green'? Harnessing the power of the sun, wind, and water, we can become cleaner and more efficient. This term, we will be experimenting with green energy as we put our natural resources to work for us in a clean (and green) way. We will build some simple machines using K'Nex and Lego, connect them to our clean power source, and see what happens... We may not save the planet, but we will have fun exploring the possibilities of a clean energy future!

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