Zoom Art Curricular

Term 1, 2018

Scribbers: Little Time Travellers

Each week we’ll have fun exploring a different time. Meal time with dinosaurs, playtime at the castle, games from the olden days and holidays in outer space. We’ll make lots of special art and craft, hear stories and more. Join us as we explore our world with paint, glue, stamps, clay and other messy fun.

Zoomers: The Time Machine

Each week we will board our Time Machine and take our imaginations to a new place and time where we’ll explore art from long ago times and places. We’ll visit a painted cave, peep into Leonardo's workshop, cross Monet's bridge, holiday with robots and lots more. Paint, draw, construct, thread, cut, glue, and more. Zoomers includes observational drawing each week in each child's own sketchbook.

Art Explorers: Time Traveller

Board the Time Machine and journey back through the ages as we visit places and people from ages past. We will explore art from the Ancient Times, and look at art from East and West, North and South. This unit includes sketching, painting, sculpture, and clay work. Each student will make a Time Travellers Journal to use in class and take home as a record of their work.

Art Discovery: Nights at the Museum

Be inspired by the art of the ages, from ancient times to the very present and beyond, places near and far. Look at great works of art and hear their stories. We’ll paint and draw, try our hand at sculpture and, mixed media and even learn about architecture. Make a Time Travellers Journal to keep a record of our journey.

Art Keys: Journey Through Time

Be inspired by contemporary art, art from the last 100 years, and back down through the centuries, even on into imagined futures. Try your hand at drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, and architecture. Design a contemporary small space and fill it with an eclectic mix of your own artworks.

Art Experience: The time of your Life

For those who want to build confidence, explore and develop their skill base and experience in a variety of media. This group class is relaxed with the teaching artist providing input in skills development and guiding experimentation. Our emphasis this term is on drawing, painting and some clay work.

Art Play: Term #1, 2018: Time for Art

This group class is for those who want to build confidence and develop their skills and experience a variety of media including watercolour, acrylics and oil paints. It is a relaxed class with the teaching artist providing input in skills development and guiding experimentation. Our emphasis this term is on exploring the stories of art, past and present and you will learn a variety of techniques to be incorporated into unique artworks.

Term 4, 2017

Scribbers: Rainbow Connections

Over the rainbow there are magical worlds filled with wonderful colours, stories, games, art and fun. A red hot day could see us chasing fire engines or squishing strawberries, while on a cool blue day we could go swimming under the sea, or fly high in the sky. Each week weʼll explore a different colour theme and learn about mixing colours. Weʼll paint, cut, stick, glitter, sprinkle, scrunch and have lots of messy fun as we create colourful worlds together.

Zoomers: Over the Rainbow

Rainbows filled with colour inspire us this term. Each week weʼll explore a different colour theme. A cool blue day could see us swimming under the sea, while a purple day could see us stomping grapes or painting royal cloaks. This term Zoomers will learn lots about mixing and having fun with colours as we paint, draw, cut, stick, print, and weave colour into our world. Includes weekly observational drawing in your own sketchbook.

Art Explorers: Colours of my World

The wonderful colours of our world inspire us this term. Forests of green, fiery hot orange lava, and deep cool aqua pools. Hear stories of paintings and places and how other artists have used colour in their paintings. Experiment with mixing paints, discover the colour wheel, create a rainbow coloured collage, draw, mould and weave as we create lots of colourful art.

Art Discovery: Dream in Colour

Be inspired by the colours around us. Experiment with mixing and creating with colours and find out how they play with each other. A different scheme each week. Weʼll make paintings, collage, mixed media and prints. Dream in colour and build your own portfolio of colourful artworks this term.

Art Keys: Colour Kaleidoscope

Colours inspire us as we mix it up this term. Colours that play with each other, argue, or harmonise in the images around us and the work of other artists. Use a variety of media including watercolour, acrylic and oil paints, and experiment with mixing and using colour to create a unique portfolio of artworks.

Art Experience: Term 4, 2017

Using a variety of media including watercolour, acrylic and oil paints. Create a unique portfolio of colourful artworks. Includes experimenting with mixing and placing colour. In an Art Experience class students will learn a variety of techniques to be incorporated into unique artworks.

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