Art classes for kids in Prep to Grade 2
A fun and active way to develop an interest and skills in art. Term 2, 2019
Unit: There's No Business Like Show Business

An Art Explorers (Formerly called What's in the Box?) art class is for kids from Prep to Grade 2, and offers a fun and active way for kids to develop their interest and skills in the visual arts.

This class could see us ‘flying’ over the land to get a bird’s eye view, or experimenting with watercolours and a variety of papers. It could see us completing detailed sketches, talking about an artist’s work, or making modifications to a clay creature to enable it to run fast.

In this age group kids progressively learn techniques while using a variety of tools and media. The class environment is relaxed, encouraging experimentation and learning.

Art Explorers
helps kids develop a love of creating, helping them organise their ideas and manage their time.

The age range for this class is for children attending school (or home school equivalent) in Prep to Grade 3. From Term 1 2019, the age range for this class will be Prep to Grade 2.

How many children are enrolled in a class? There are 10 places available to be booked in each time slot. We offer a total of 70 places each term in our Art Explorers age group.

How is the class structured? The class will begin with a 10 minute observational drawing exercise, before moving on to a variety of different art projects that fit with out weekly theme. We use the full 45 minutes for art activities, children do not do any set up, pack up or wash up in our art classes.

In this age group we ask that all parents wait outside the classroom while the lesson is in progress. This helps all the kids focus on the lesson and the tasks at hand. At the end of the class all adults will be invited into the classroom (usually with much excitement!) to view the children's projects for the day.

What is included in the cost? Your term fees include a 9 week term, as well as all materials used in class. There are no extra materials purchases required for any of our art classes. You are also entitled to up to three make up lessons per term, for any classes you may miss. Make up classes must be used within your current enrolled term.

All classes are booked out, do you take names on a waiting list or will you add another class? Art Explorers is our highest in demand class at Flying Fox Studios, and typically most places fill very quickly after enrolments open for a new term. All places are offered on a first in, first served basis every term. We do accept names for a waiting list, as we sometimes get last minute class changes. As our art classroom is fully booked with classes each weekday evening until 8pm, we do not have any available time slots outside of school hours to add extra classes.

What age is this class for? Art Explorers is for children attending Prep, Grade 1, Grade 2 in 2019.

My child meets the minimum age requirements for Prep, but will still be attending Kindy in 2019, can I enrol in this class? No, they will need to enrol in our Zoomers Pre-Prep class. They will be eligible to enrol in this age group in 2020, when they begin their schooling in Prep.


A Guide to Enrolment

All classes at Flying Fox Studios are run on an opt-in basis for every new term or unit. All places are offered on a first come, first served basis, each term. Current students need to re-enrol to secure a spot for the following term. Due the popularity of certain age groups, some classes will fill very quickly when a new enrolment period opens.

Our enrolment policy enables students to change class days and times between terms if needs be, new students to join a class, students to move up an age group in between terms, as well as enabling students to take a term off, without losing their place for the year.

We do offer a free trial class, however a free trial booking does not reserve a spot in a class for the term. We recommend students interested in this age group attend a trial class in the term prior to the one they wish to enrol into (i.e come along for a trial lesson in Term 2, with a view to enrolling early when bookings open for Term 3). Free trial classes must be booked through out office. In this age group parents are asked to wait outside the classroom while the lesson is in progress.

Art Explorers


  • Age: Prep to Grade 2
  • Class Structure: 9 Week Term
  • Class Length: 45 minutes.
  • Term 2 Cost: $189 per 9 week term (includes all materials)
  • Class Size: Up to 10 students
  • Term 2 2019 Bookings & Timetable


Term 2 2019
There's No Business
Like Show Business

Backstage is lots of fun. This term we’ll take our inspiration from the stage, the circus, games and the movies.

There are posters to print, cartoons to draw, costumes to design, pictures to paint.

Includes an introduction to creating animated characters. Drawing, painting, modelling and printmaking feature this term.

This age group is now fully booked for Term 2.
Term 3 bookings will open Monday June 10th.

Primary Art Class

art explorers What's int eh Box Kids Art Class work

The ZoomArt for Kids curricular is Australian designed, developed, and owned by the educators at Flying Fox Studios. It is not available anywhere else in Australia, and is a unique class experience.

All content on this website relating to ZoomArt for Kids classes at Flying Fox Studios is original, and protected by Australian copyright law. No part of this website is to copied or reproduced in any way without written permission from Flying Fox Studios Pty Ltd.

Flying Fox Studios has been running ZoomArt for Kids since 2006.

Children must meet the minimum age requirement before enrolling in a class at Flying Fox Studios. This is our standard policy across all classes, programs, and age groups. This class is for children who are currently attending Prep, Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3 (or home school equivalent). Children starting Prep in 2020 will be able to join this class in Term 1 2020.

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