A Special Time to Grow and Learn
Term 1, 2018
Unit: The Time Machine

All About Zoomers

The pre-prep year is a special time to grow and learn. Zoomers kids are becoming independent and attend the class without their carer. Classes offer an intentional introduction to visual art techniques and experiences, in a fun and often noisy environment. 

The Zoomers curriculum follows the Scribblers themes, and includes stories, drama and games, but has additional elements suitable for the older pre-schooler.

Drawing and observational skills are developed as motor skills mature. A Zoomers class could see us mixing colours or using a variety of tools for drawing and painting.

We will add to our sketchbook each week as the term continues, and build a collection of work over the term.

Zoomers learn elementary skills in manipulating clay and plaster, and foundational printmaking techniques as well as a wide variety of other skills.

Who teaches our Zoomers classes?

This year we have two wonderfully talented and inspiring facilitators for our Zoomers classes. Marnie takes both our Monday classes, and Mike leads our Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday sessions.


Children must meet the minimum age requirement before enrolling in a class at Flying Fox Studios. This is our standard policy across all classes, programs, and age groups. We will give a 4 week 'grace' period for children close to the cut off, however other than this we will not enrol children into out of age range classes.

Zoomers Art Class

  • Age Range: Pre-Prep (3.5 to 5 years)
  • Class Structure: 9 Week Term
  • Class Length: 45 minutes.
  • Cost: $174

Each week we will board our Time Machine and take our imaginations to a new place and time where we’ll explore art from long ago times and places. We’ll visit a painted cave, peep into Leonardo's workshop, cross Monet's bridge, holiday with robots and lots more. Paint, draw, construct, thread, cut, glue, and more. Zoomers includes observational drawing each week in each child's own sketchbook.

Term 4, 2017 Bookings

Term 4, 2017 classes finish on Saturday 9th of December.

Term 1, 2018 Bookings

Term 1, 2018 classes begin from Monday 29th of January.

Zoomers Art CLass

Art Room

Looking to join a class after the start of term?

No problems at all! Fees are simply adjusted pro-rata to reflect the lessons you will attend.

At Flying Fox Studios we offer a free trial lesson for all our term classes (Kindermusik, ZommArt for Kids, & Fox Blocks)
  • Free trial lessons must be booked in advance, and are subject to class availability.
  • A free trial booking does not hold a place in a class for the remainder of term.
  • Free trial lessons are not available in the first week of any term.
  • A free trial lesson will include parents in the classroom for the following age groups only - Kindermusik Village Babies, Kindermusik Our Time, ZoomArt for Kids Scribblers. For all other classes parents are expected to wait outside the classroom until the lesson has finished.
  • Please arrive early for your trial class. It can be very intimidating for children to join a new setting after the lesson has begun.
  • To book a lesson, please phone 38551528 or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Free Trial Class

Zoomers Art Class

The ZoomArt for Kids curricular is Australian designed, developed, and owned by the educators at Flying Fox Studios. It is not available anywhere else in Australia, and is a unique class experience.

All content on this website relating to ZoomArt for Kids classes at Flying Fox Studios is original, and protected by Australian copyright law. No part of this website is to copied or reproduced in any way without written permission from Flying Fox Studios Pty Ltd.

Flying Fox Studios has been running ZoomArt for Kids since 2006.

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