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Enrolment & Booking Guide

We appreciate you taking the time to understand our procedure. Further to this page, please view a detailed guide with common studio frequently asked questions here.


Account Troubleshooting
  • I can't log in to my account, how can I fix this? Firstly, make sure you are using the correct username (it's different from your email address). You will need to know your username and your password to log in. You also will need access to your email address to reset either your password or your username.
  • I am getting a Token Reset Error when I try click on the password reset link, how can I fix this? This error occurs when an incorrect username has been entered after a password re-set link has been emailed. Your username is different from your email address, and will be made of up letters and numbers.
  • I haven't received an activation link, can you help? Of course! Sometimes a blank space has accidentally been added to your email address, or the activation link ends up in your spam / junk folders. Please just send us a quick email and we can activate your account right away from our administrator end.

Classes and Workshops
  • How long are your terms? All our Kindermusik, Art and Fox Blocks STEM terms run for 8 weeks. Usually this means our term will start back the second week of the school term, and finish up one week before the school term ends.
  • Do you offer casual classes? We don't offer casual classes during term time, however all our School Holiday Workshops are single classes that are booked individually.
  • When do bookings open for next term? Booking dates for upcoming enrolments will be listed on our website in advance, and are usually 2-3 weeks before the end of our current term.

Payment & Fees
  • To secure a place in a term class, a deposit payment of $65 is due on enrolment. All remaining fees are due before your first lesson on the first week of term. Balance payments can be made online, via direct transfer, or in our office before your first class.
  • Bookings remain unconfirmed if a deposit payment has not been received. Bookings made through our online system will automatically expire after 20 minutes if a deposit payment has not been received in that time.
  • Payment for our school holiday workshops are due on booking. Any workshop bookings that are left unpaid will automatically expire after 20 minutes.

Class Enrolments
  • How can I enrol for a class? The majority of our students enrol online. This is by far the easiest way to register! Bookings can also be made over the phone or at the Everton Park studio. For bookings simply create an account via our website, click your activation link emailed to you, and then book your chosen program
  • Does a booking automatically carry over between terms? Flying Fox Studios classes are run on an opt-in basis for each new term (bookings don't automatically carry over from one term to the next). All places are offered for each new term on a first come, first served basis. This enables students to change class days and times between terms if needs be, new students to join a class, students to change classes in between terms, as well as enabling students to take a term off, without losing their place for the year.
  • Can I enrol after term has started? Yes. After the start of term fees are simply adjusted on a pro-rata basis. This is done online automatically, so you can book a class online at any time and will only be charged for the lessons left in the term. The only exception to this is our Young Child program, where children must first enrol into Semester 1, before progressing to Semesters 2, 3, & 4
  • How do I know if a class still has places available? Our online booking system shows our availability in real time. This means that if a class displays a 'book now' or 'login to enrol' button then there are still places available. As soon as the last place in the class is filled, it will automatically display 'booked out'. Our system does not show classes that have limited places, so if you would like to enquire about how many places are still available please phone our office.
  • How do I enrol a friend / cousin / extra child into a class? Simply add their names and birth dates to your account.This can be done by clicking on 'my account'. Scroll down to where is says 'Children for user' then click 'add new'. Please note, any sibling discounts that may apply to children on the same account will be revised if students are not immediate siblings / step siblings.
  • Help, I enrolled into the wrong class. No problem, just send us an email, or phone us and we can easily correct it for you.
  • The class I want is booked out, can I be placed on a waiting list? Yes, we do accept waiting list names. Our system operates on an 'opt in' policy for each term. For various reasons, we believe this is the best way to offer children's term activity classes. As each new term opens for enrolments (usually 3-4 weeks before the end of the previous term) all class places open up and spots are booked on a 'first come, first served basis' for the following term.
  • The entire age group I am looking for is full, will you be adding extra classes? We are aware that some of our age groups are often very full. We have worked exceptionally hard over the years to create a simply wonderful program, with great teachers, small class sizes, and a family friendly atmosphere. While we would love to add extra classes when age groups fill, this is often simply not possible due to the amount of preparation and clean up that our classes require, and the late hours our teachers are already scheduled.
  • My child is outside the set age range for a class, can they still enrol? Under school age classes: Our system gives a 4 week 'grace' period either side of age cut offs. Outside of this 4 week period, we are unable to book outside the specified age range. This only applies to children not currently attending school, or for our holiday workshop program. School age classes: Once children begin schooling, our classes are designed to match with students school grade (not age). If a child is 'Prep age' but still attending Kindy, then they will be eligible for classes offered for students in Prep, when they begin Prep. This is the same for all classes for our school age students (e.g. students who would have been eligible for entry to Grade 6, but are in Grade 5 need to join the classes offered for students in Grade 5). We thank you for your understanding on this.

Cancellations, Class Swaps and Changes.
  • Term Classes - ZoomArt for Kids, Kindermusik, Fox Blocks STEM For a full refund or credit to be offered, written notification of a child's withdrawal is required at least 7 days prior to the start of their booked term class or workshop. With less than 7 days notice of a class cancellation, before the start of term, our team will offer a full refund, or credit, only if we are able to re-book your child's spot in the class or workshop. After the start of term, partial refunds / credits will be offered if we are able to re-book your child's reserved place in a class.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the enrolment for students who have paid a deposit, but not attended classes or paid the balance by the end of the second week of term. Please contact us in extenuating circumstances.
  • School Holiday Workshops For a full refund or credit to be offered, written notification of a child's withdrawal is required at least 7 days prior to the start of their booked workshop. When written notice withdrawing from a workshop is received 7 days (or less) before the start of a workshop, our team will only offer a refund, or credit, if we are able to re-book your child's spot in the workshop

Part of the local community since 2006!
  • We are a small, local and family business. We are not a franchise, we are very much a part of our local community.
  • We offer a no-obligation free trial class. Free trial lessons are not offered in the first week of any term. We do however, offer free trial lesson in the remaining 7 weeks of each term (from week 2 to 8). Free trial lessons are available subject to availability, and do not secure a spot in class. Free trial lessons are not suitable for group bookings, with a maximum of 2 free trial places available in a class.


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