Account Troubleshooting

  • I can't log in to my account, how can I fix this? Firstly, make sure you are using the correct username (it's different from your email address). You will need to know your username and your password to log in. You also will need access to your email address to reset either your password or your username.
  • I am getting a Token Reset Error when I try click on the password reset link, how can I fix this? This error occurs when an incorrect username has been entered after a password re-set link has been emailed. Your username is different from your email address, and will be made of up letters and numbers.

Photography / Social Media Policy

Flying Fox Studios is a business working with children every day, and right from the start we have been committed to protecting the digital footprint of all our students. That's why you won't find any group photos of our classes shared online, unless children remain unidentified or a media release has been authorised. We want to assure you that enrolling your children in our classes means they won't be used for promotional purposes. Adults and carers are more than welcome to take photos of their own child participating in our classes.

Attending our Everton Park Studio

  • Where can I park? Parking is available directly out the front of our building or in Drake street to the side of our building. Drake St can be accessed from The Old Northern Rd, Everton Park.
  • How many teaching rooms do you have? We run two teaching classrooms on the same premises, at the same time. This is why some classes from different programs are scheduled at the same time
  • Do you have internal bathrooms? Yes, bathrooms are easily accessed by our students. A single pram does fit into our bathroom, and we also provide a baby change table
  • Do I need to sign my child in / out of class? For our  holiday workshops, all children must be signed in and out of class by their adult. For our term classes this is not required, as a teacher will mark a roll in class. All children are required to be collected from their classroom by their adult at the end of each lesson.
  • Do you have stairs to access your classes? All our classes are accessible by pram and wheelchair. Our backyard waiting can only be accessed via stairs, however we do also have 3 alternate indoor waiting spaces where no stair access is required.
  • I have heard you have a shop too, is that correct? Yes, we do! Along with our shop on our Flying Fox Studios site, we also have a warehouse located in Everton Hills, which is where we run our online store STEAM Kids from. Our shop on site at Flying Fox Studios always has a great selection of toys, resources, puzzles and games. Many parents also enjoy shopping online, placing a 'click and collect order' and then picking up their selection when they come for classes.
  • How long have you been running for? Flying Fox Studios opened in our Everton Park location in September 2006. What a fun 16 years it has been!

Booking A Class

  • How can I enrol for a class? The majority of our students enrol online. This is by far the easiest way to register! Bookings can also be made over the phone or at the Everton Park studio. For bookings simply create an account via our website, click your activation link emailed to you, and then book your chosen program
  • Can I enrol after term has started? Yes. After the start of term fees are simply adjusted on a pro-rata basis. This is done online automatically, so you can book a class online at any time and will only be charged for the lessons left in the term. The only exception to this is our Young Child program, where children must first enrol into Semester 1, before progressing to Semesters 2, 3, & 4
  • How do I know if a class still has places available? Our online booking system shows our availability in real time. This means that if a class displays a 'book now' or 'login to enrol' button then there are still places available. As soon as the last place in the class is filled, it will automatically display 'booked out'. Our system does not show classes that have limited places, so if you would like to enquire about how many places are still available please phone our office.
  • How do I enrol a friend / cousin / extra child into a class? Simply add their names and birth dates to your account.This can be done by clicking on 'my account'. Scroll down to where is says 'Children for user' then click 'add new'.
  • Help, I enrolled into the wrong class. No problem, just send us an email, or phone us and we can easily correct it for you.
  • The class I want is booked out, can I be placed on a waiting list? Yes, we do accept waiting list names. Our system operates on an 'opt in' policy for each term. For various reasons, we believe this is the best way to offer children's term activity classes. As each new term opens for enrolments (usually 3-4 weeks before the end of the previous term) all class places open up and spots are booked on a 'first come, first served basis' for the following term.
  • The entire age group I am looking for is full, will you be adding extra classes? We are aware that some of our age groups are often very full. We have worked exceptionally hard over the years to create a simply wonderful program, with great teachers, small class sizes, and a family friendly atmosphere. While we would love to add extra classes when age groups fill, this is often simply not possible due to the amount of preparation and clean up that our classes require, and the late hours our teachers are already scheduled.


  • Can my child attend classes twice per week? A child may attend twice per week as a make up lesson. However we do not accept enrolments for a student to attend the same lesson twice per week on a regular basis.


  • My child is outside the set age range for a class, can they still enrol? Under school age classes: Our system gives a 4 week 'grace' period either side of age cut offs. Outside of this 4 week period, we are unable to book outside the specified age range. This only applies to children not currently attending school, or for our holiday workshop program. School age classes: Once children begin schooling, our classes are designed to match with students school grade (not age). If a child is 'Prep age' but still attending Kindy, then they will be eligible for classes offered for students in Prep, when they begin Prep. This is the same for all classes for our school age students (e.g. students who would have been eligible for entry to Grade 6, but are in Grade 5 need to join the classes offered for students in Grade 5). We thank you for your understanding on this.

What Happens In Class?

  • How many kids are there enrolled per class? A very common question! The answer really depends on the age group and structure of the class. As a rough guide;
  • Kindermusik Up to 10 students per class. Occasionally there may be one or two extras if students need to attend a make up lesson from another day.
  • Art Classes School age classes will enrol up to 10 kids per class, however the under school age Scribblers classes are usually capped at 8. Occasionally there may be one or two extras if students need to attend a make up lesson from another day.
  • Fox Blocks STEM classes have 8 to 10 children per class, with the children working in pairs or groups. Occasionally there may be one or two extras if students need to attend a make up lesson from another day.
  • STEAM Kids workshops are capped between 10 and 12 children, depending on the age group and workshop offered.
  • Are siblings welcome in my other child's Kindermusik, Art or Fox Blocks STEM  class? We understand that sometimes siblings may need to attend class with their older or younger enrolled sibling. This is no problem at all, provided that there is still space in the lesson for all enrolled students. Once a sibling reaches the minim age for the class, then they will need to enrol to participate in the lesson. Some classes (such as our Scribblers art class) will have items placed low in the room (such as hand washing buckets, paint trays etc) These are not able to be moved 'out of the way' of siblings as enrolled students still need easy access to these items. If you are unsure, come along for a trial lesson and see how your little ones go.
  • What happens if I miss a lesson? If you miss a lesson, you are welcome to come along to a make-up class at another time slot during your enrolled term. This make up class needs to be booked in advance and completed within your enrolled unit. All make up lessons are subject to availability and are not able to be carried over from one term to the next. Please find our full make up lesson policy here
  • My child would like me to stay in the classroom, is this ok? Carers are in the classroom with the children in the following age groups only. Kindermusik Village Babies, Kindermusik Our Time, Scribblers Art Class, B.Blocks STEM class. Kindermusik Imagine That class will have parents in the lesson for the last 15 minutes of class to participate in group activities.
  • Your child's teacher is experienced, and loves nothing more than caring for each individual child in their classroom. On consideration of the needs of all the children in the class, we require that adults wait outside the classroom teaching space during the all other classes, with limited exceptions. Sometimes it may be necessary for an carer to remain in the classroom for a time if a child is anxious about the new setting. This is completely understandable. If this happens our teachers will permit an adult to stay for a short period while a child is settled into the class, however any adults in the classroom will need to remain in the designated adult space for a short period. This will be outside the main teaching space, at the rear of the classroom.

Class Changes and Cancellations

  • I am now unable to attend my booked class, am I able to receive a refund?
  • Term Classes - ZoomArt for Kids, Kindermusik, Fox Blocks STEM
  • For a full refund or credit to be offered, written notification of a child's withdrawal is required at least 7 days prior to the start of their booked term class or workshop
  • Reminder emails are sent out to all students 7 days in advance for all classes.
  • With less than 7 days notice of a class cancellation, before the start of term, our team will offer a full refund, or credit, only if we are able to re-book your child's spot in the class or workshop.
  • After the start of term, partial refunds / credits will be offered if we are able to re-book your child's reserved place in a class.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the enrolment for students who have paid a deposit, but not attended classes or paid the balance by the end of the second week of term. Please contact us in extenuating circumstances.
  • School Holiday Workshops
  • For a full refund or credit to be offered, written notification of a child's withdrawal is required at least 8 days prior to the start of their booked term class or workshop.
  • When written notice withdrawing from a workshop is received 7 days (or less) before the start of a workshop, our team will only offer a refund, or credit, if we are able to re-book your child's spot in the workshop.
  • Each workshop we offer at Flying Fox Studios only runs once, and requires a significant amount of preparation prior to the class running. This is often completed in the week before workshops begins, and why we can only offer to refund (or credit) your booking, when 7 days (or less) notice has been given, if we re-book your child's reserved place in our classes.
  • For events outside the control of Flying Fox Studios (such as workshop cancellation due to teacher illness) a credit will be given for a future class.

General Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you run Birthday Parties? Due to our full schedule of weekly classes, we do not currently offer to run birthday parties.
  • Do you offer a free trial lesson? At Flying Fox Studios we offer a free trial lesson for all our term classes (Kindermusik, ZommArt for Kids, & Fox Blocks) Free trial lessons must be booked in advance, and are subject to class availability. A free trial booking does not hold a place in a class for the remainder of term. Free trial lessons are not available in the first week of any term. For all information about joining us for a free trial class, please see our information page here



Flying Fox Studios reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student, at its sole discretion, who engages in behaviors, whether intentional or not, that disrupt the learning of other class members or impede the teacher's ability to effectively conduct their class or workshop.

Flying Fox Studios requires children attending classes are able to participate in the activities without causing significant distractions to other class members or requiring the sole attention from the teacher.

This requirement is essential to ensure that all children receive the necessary support during the workshop or lessons. Students attending classes with registered support workers are always welcome, please discuss this with Flying Fox Studios staff prior to arrival so we can best setup our classroom to accommodate an extra person.

Additionally, Flying Fox Studios maintains a zero tolerance policy for any threatening, intimidating, bullying or violent behavior towards staff, other students, or any other persons on site.




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