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What originally began as a concept to develop a creative arts centre for children has, over the years, developed to include a limited number of classes and workshops for grown ups. We hope to include more and more of these classes and workshops, with some run by our very own Flying Fox Studios staff, and other courses run by visiting teachers and instructors. We began offering our first grown up workshop (Gingerbread Houses) back in 2010, and since then have included Families First Aid courses, as well as our adults ArtPlay weekly class run on a Friday. Watch this space as we add further workshops and classes for the grown ups. Why should the kids have all the fun!


Gingerbread House Workshops 2017

Bookings for our 2017 Gingerbread House workshop for adults will open on Monday November 6th.

Join us for our annual Gingerbread house workshop for the grown ups. We will asseble a gourmet gingerbread house kit (made in the Blue Mountains by the wonderful Gingerbread Folk). Our lolly buffet will amaze, as we offer a huge selection of lollies to design and decorate your creation. 

This workshops is one of our rare grown ups only events at Flying Fox Studios, so come along and enjoy a night out, engage your creativity, and have some laughs along the way.

Dates for 2017

  • Saturday December 9th 7:00pm (*Gluten free lollies also available for this workshop)
  • Wednesday December 20th 7:00pm
  • Friday December 22nd 7:00pm


$55.00 per person. Please phone our office to book your spot.

*Gluten free option: Gingerbread folk offer a beautiful gluten free gingerbread house kit and over the past few years we have had an increasing number of requests for this option. Gluten free gingerbread house kits may be requested for any of the three workshop dates, however we will only be offering a separate gluten free lolly buffet during the December 9th date. We have a limited number of gluten free kits available, so please contact us before booking your workshop to make sure this option is still available.

ArtPlay for Grownups

Why should the kids have all the fun?

Would you like to be part of a bold new approach to learning new skills or refining and refreshing rusty ones? Each week there will be new input and "play
tasks" to build your visual curiosity and observation skills, as well as practise, the basis for developing skill in drawing.

Unlock hitherto serious art speak. Play with the elements of art. Take a line for a walk, have fun with colour, shape and value. Create artwork with an awareness of form, space and texture. Discover and use a variety of media. Learn about traditional and unconventional tools and methods. With guided experimentation you'll be learn the basic building blocks to create your own artworks or to build your own portfolio. Then you'll be ready to run, jump, skip, hop, or whatever you desire.

Build confidence as your drawing skill improves. Demystify some of the tools and art media you can use. Re-discover your visual curiosity and enjoyment of playing with new things. Enjoy a relaxed and supportive environment where the teacher and other students work alongside each other sharing their experience. Most of all we'll enjoy the journey.

Is this you? "I can't draw as well as my kids." "I don't know about different types of paper or which brushes to use with which paint." "I'd like to get back into art, I used to like it back in the day." " I'm a little intimidated when I go into an art supply shop." " I'm not sure where to start."

Are you a grown up? Ready to play?

Come and play with us!

  • 9 week units run during the school term. Each term will cover a different theme.
  • $259 for the term.
  • 90 minute weekly class
  • Fridays 12:30pm to 2:00pm
  • Book online by adding youself as a 'child' to your own account or enrol over the phone.

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