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"There is nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all of humankind" Bill Nye

Our Fox Blocks master builders class for students in Grades 5, 6 & 7. In C-Zone we look at a wide range of topics in quite fine detail, with larger projects that often take a week or two to complete.

In C-Zone we use complex building and technology resources including K'Nex, Lego, Little Bits, Fischertechnik, Arduino, & Mindstorms NXT to discover and understand our world around us.

Coming up in 2024 our units will be as follows

  • Term 1 - Harnessing Hydraulics
  • Term 2 - Short Circuits
  • Term 3 - Robots in Space
  • Term 4 - Engineering Underground

Small class sizes, organised in developmentally appropriate age groupings, mean students don't just sit back and watch the action. Everyone takes part in building, designing, and discovering in this class.

Each term contains a different theme, with a different core construction material used. We then mix and match, explore, design, test and evaluate as we go. Less screen time and more hands on engineering and creativity. 

Fox Blocks is a STEM program unique to Flying Fox Studios. Written by educators and engineers, it combines play based learning for the littlies, instructional learning for the older kids, and lots of teamwork!

You will not find Fox Blocks in any other studio in Australia, as it has been especially designed for Brisbane kids by our Flying Fox Studios educational team.

Students must meet the correct age / grade requirements for enrolling in a class at Flying Fox Studios. Students enrolling in C-Zone during 2024 must be attending Grades 5, 6 and 7 in 2024.This is our standard policy across all classes, programs, and age groups.

Term 3 2024: Robots in Space

The countdown is complete, it’s time to explore Mars using Lego's programmable brick.

This futuristic unit will be out of this world!We'll build a Martian lander, various rover models, and design the right program for our models to carry out tasks just like the pro's.

Learn about the importance of innovation and adaptability in overcoming obstacles in space exploration.

Understand the challenges and solutions scientists and engineers face in these ground breaking projects.

Dive into the science and technology behind real Mars missions, like the Mars Rovers (Curiosity, Perseverance) and the upcoming Mars Sample Return mission.

Term 3


Term 2, 2024 : Short Circuits

From simple light circuits to the classic radio and intruder alarm circuits, this term we will create it all!
Students will learn how to use resistors, diodes, capacitors, led's, and switches to make some really cool circuits.
We'll make plenty of noise, as we build electronic projects that react to light and movement.
So, switch on those motors, plug in your microchips, and amp up for a term of high voltage STEM learning!

Term 2

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