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Kindermusik Village Sing & Bounce

Village: Dew Drops

Age Range: 4 to 22 months.

Class Structure:  9 weeks.

Class Length:  45 minutes

Stop and smell the roses, and lily of the valley, and tulips, and pansies.

In this class, parents and babies will play and move together to songs about flowers, such as “Jasmine Flower,” “How Does Your Garden Grow?,” and “White Coral Bells.” You’ll also hear traditional Irish music, dance a jig and move to the “Irish Trot.”


Home Materials: CD of beautifully arranged songs from class, a Music & Movement board book called "Dew Drops", a set of Art Banners, and an instrument for music-making at home.



Kindermusik Wiggles & Giggles

Our Time: Wiggles & Giggles

Age Range:  1½ to 3.5 years.

Class Structure:  18 weeks.

Class Length:  45 minutes

With more than 30 songs, 15 dances, and 8 different instruments, think of all the fun we will have and the music we will make! As we wiggle and giggle through this 18-week unit, your toddlers' mind will be filled each week with unique music activities, that they will want to repeat over and over again. Wiggles & Giggles has been designed to reflect the importance of movement in the life of a toddler, so come prepared to move and groove, wiggle and giggle, & dance and play with your energetic toddler!


Home Materials: 2 Music and Movement Books, a Home Activity Book, a double Home CD, A Special Child's Carry bag, and a pair of zig-zag blocks.



Kindermusik See What I Saw

Imagine That: See What I Saw

Age Range:3 to 5 years.
Class Structure: each 18 weeks.
Class Length: 45 minutes.

In this unit, preschoolers will use their real experience of playing in the park to create imaginative, storytelling scenarios with music... We'll go on an imaginary trip to Grasshopper Park where we'll sail down the park slide and then recreate the sound of that experience with a loooong vocal glissando. Each week provides preschoolers one uninterrupted session of imaginative play that's guided in a very specific, sequential way, with a special sharing time with parents in the last 15 minutes of class.

Plus every activity has some at-home adaptations so the parent can take part in the learning. In this class, pre-schoolers will develop the social and intellectual skills they'll need in school. Movement, sensory exploration, imagination, creativity and musical learning all in one amazingly fun class!

Each week provides preschoolers one uninterrupted session of imaginative play that's guided in a very specific, sequential way, with a special sharing time with parents in the last 15 minutes of class.


Home Materials: A See What I Saw play set, 2 Literature Books, a Kindermusik Clatterpillar, a Family Activity Book, a double Home CD, and a backpack (1st semester only).


Kindermusik Young Child 1

Young Child

Age Range:5 to 7 years.

Class Structure: 18 weeks,

Class Length: 45 minutes.

Kindermusik Young Child is a unique opportunity to develop all aspects of the young budding musician.  This first semester explores many foundational elements eg. voice development, rhythm, notation, musical symbols and simple pre-keyboard skills.  Children explore and learn to play many instruments throughout the 2 year course including rhythm sticks, resonator bars, drums, glockenspiels, dulcimers, and recorders. They build critical vocal development skills through singing, games, listening and echoing activities. For your enthusiastic musician, Young Child provides a pressure-free developmentally appropriate transition, where children can musically succeed before taking on specific instrumental or vocal instruction. In small, movement-oriented classes, your child develops their greatest instrument - the voice - while they learn the symbols, vocabulary, and foundations of music making.

At Home Materials: Children’s folder with stickers and Music At Home cards, Family Songbook, glockenspiel, CD of music from class, canvas bag and games bag.

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