Art for Kids - Art Experience

Art Experience art class for Grade 9 to 12

From Grade 9 to Grade 12 students are maturing, allowing for increasing levels of skill using art media and tools.

An Art Experience art class is relaxed, with teenagers learning from both the teacher and each other, in an environment of guided experimentation and instruction. 

Learning from other artist’s work and developing their own ideas, Art Experience students develop skills in drawing and sketching, using a range of media such as graphite, aquarelle pencils, charcoal, inks and pastels.

Painting is explored using oils, acrylics, mixing mediums, soft pastels, as well as mixed contemporary mediums.

This class is designed to inspire, challenge, develop skill, and keep art fun. Over the term a wide variety of materials will be used, many of which students have not used before.

Experimentation is encouraged! As well as lessons including elements of drawing and painting, we will also discover printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, and many more.

This is a class designed to teach and develop art skills, using a variety of tools and techniques throughout the term. 

Students are encouraged to critique their work and display works that they like.

All levels of ability and experience are welcome to join this class.

A Guide to Enrolment

All classes at Flying Fox Studios are run on an opt-in basis for every new term or unit. All places are offered on a first come, first served basis, each term. Current students need to re-enrol to secure a spot for the following term. Due the popularity of certain age groups, some classes will fill very quickly when a new enrolment period opens.

Our enrolment policy enables students to change class days and times between terms if needs be, new students to join a class, students to move up an age group in between terms, as well as enabling students to take a term off, without losing their place for the year. 

We do offer a free trial class. A free trial booking does not reserve a spot in a class for the term. We recommend students interested in this age group attend a trial class in the term prior to the one they wish to enrol into (i.e come along for a trial lesson in Term 3, with a view to enrolling early when bookings open for Term 4). Free trial classes must be booked through out office.


Term 3, 2024

Theme: Great Southern Land

The vibrant colours and diverse forms of the great Australian landscape is the foundation of our art making this term.
We will paint with oils to create rich and textured landscapes, explore experimental watercolour techniques, the vivid hues of pastels, mixed media and acrylic mediums.
As a culminating project, students will undertake the creation of a larger-scale work, depicting a favourite place within the Australian landscape.


Australian Pastel Landscape

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