ArtPlay Grownups

Art class for adults

Why should the kids have all the fun?

Would you like to be part of a bold new approach to learning new skills or refining and refreshing rusty ones? Each week there will be new input and "play
tasks" to build your visual curiosity and observation skills, as well as practise, the basis for developing skill in drawing.

Unlock hitherto serious art speak. Play with the elements of art. Take a line for a walk, have fun with colour, shape and value. Create artwork with an awareness of form, space and texture. Discover and use a variety of media. Learn about traditional and unconventional tools and methods. With guided experimentation you'll be learn the basic building blocks to create your own artworks or to build your own portfolio. Then you'll be ready to run, jump, skip, hop, or whatever you desire.

Build confidence as your drawing skill improves. Demystify some of the tools and art media you can use. Re-discover your visual curiosity and enjoyment of playing with new things. Enjoy a relaxed and supportive environment where the teacher and other students work alongside each other sharing their experience. Most of all we'll enjoy the journey.

Is this you? "I can't draw as well as my kids." "I don't know about different types of paper or which brushes to use with which paint." "I'd like to get back into art, I used to like it back in the day." " I'm a little intimidated when I go into an art supply shop." " I'm not sure where to start."

Are you a grown up? Ready to play?

Want to have a try? In our Adult class we offer a $45.00 trial lesson to attend just one class. Places are very limited, and must be booked in advance.

Art Play

Term 3 2024

Theme: Sunburnt Country

In an Art Play class you will learn a variety of techniques to be incorporated into unique artworks.

Begin with small experiments and techniques. The colour and form of our great Australian landscape inspires us this term. Gain experience in painting, drawing, pastels and mixed media.

Explore oil paints to achieve texture, depth, and realism , experimental watercolour techniques and acrylic mediums.

Build intricate textures and bold colours that capture the dramatic landscapes of Australia.

Paint a larger scale work of a favourite place in your choice of medium.

Art classes term 3, 2024

Term 2 2024

Theme: Animals

Animals in all their diversity inspire our theme this term (with reference to to the interests of the class). Tips and techniques for using photo references and observational drawing as aids, and diffrerent styles tried.

Use a variety of media including charcoal, graphite, ink, watercolour and acrylic paints.

In a gentle encouraging environment we'll play with some simple techniques designed to build your skills in drawing and painting people.

By the end of the term you will have created a realistic portrait, among other things, and had lots of fun along the way. Suitable for beginners or the more experienced.

Art classes term 2, 2024

All Term 2 2024 classes begin the week starting Monday, April 22nd


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